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Oh, of course, it's a sexual reference

the light is a sign

wanderer of the seas
22 April
About the girl:
~she's not really a good person
~only person she knows that can balance meanness and niceness
~sarcastic and witty
~her best boy friend plans to take over the world and she will be his sex slave, or so he thinks.
~loves anything harry potter
~would die without her ipod
~would die without her online friends. they are her lifeline
~loves new friends so go ahead and add her [=

“You just have to see that it's wrapped in beauty and hidden away in between the seconds of your life. If you don't stop for a minute, you might miss it.”

abercrombie & fitch, aeropostale, american eagle, animagi, animals, aquafina, artemis fowl, badminton, being a pirate, being random, bleach, blogging, books, boys, bracelets, britishness, canon, carrots, cds, cedric diggory, cell phones, characterization, chocolate, chuck taylors converse, comedy films, computers, converse, dancing and singing, delusional, desparate housewives, disney world, eating, eyeliner, fred/angelina fics, friends, gamecube, gatorade, ginny weasley, gold fish, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, hair bands, harry potter, history, hogwarts, hollister, house m.d, hugging, insane, insane-ness, internet surfing, ipods, irish accents, j.k. rowling, james potter, johnny depp, journals, kermit the frog, laughing, laughing at stupid people, laughing in general, laughing inappropriately, laughing uncontrollably, laughter, lily evans, lip balm, lipgloss, love, lucius malfoy's pimp cane, make up, making things explode, making up words, mcgoogles, me, moony, music, mwpp, nickelback, no homework, not acting my age, not cheese, originality, padfoot, paper, passing notes, pencils, pens, perfume, perverts, peter pettigrew, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, playing flute, polos, procrastinating, prongs, rain, randomness, rants, ravenclaw, reading, remus and tonks, remus lupin, robert pattinson, role playing, ron weasley, ron/hermione, sarcasm, saturday night live, scottish accents, scrubs, scrunchies, shopping, singing badly, sirius black, sketchpads, skiing, skirts, sleeping, snow, softball, sprite, starbursts, substitute teachers, super smash bros. melee, supposedly devonshire, swimming, taking over the world, tap, the beach, the killers, the marauders, the prefects bathroom, the shoebox project, the sims 2, the twilight series, thunder, tic tacs, trampolines, traveling, unicorns, waving to strangers, werewolves, wicked, wind, writing